Saturday, August 7, 2010

Albert George and Nellie Esther (Roberts) Patridge

I recently went to visit one of my sisters who lives in Ohio. While there we went down to visit with her son who lives in Amelia, Ohio. This was my first visit to his home so I got the grand tour. When we walked into what they called the "Victorian Room" I noticed some really neat old pictures on the dressers. I asked if the people were related and was told that they were pictures he had purchased at an antique store. He loves antiques and collectibles. Out of curiosity I checked the backs of the pictures and sure enough, some of them had names on them. Unfortunately there were some that had no names as well. I proceeded to take photos of all the pictures so I could see if I could find out more about the people in them and see if I could find any living relatives who might be interested in the photos I took. When I got to my other sister's house (she lives in Ohio as well) I started doing some research on the identified photos.

Let me introduce you to Albert George and Nellie Esther (Roberts) Patridge.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert George Patridge

Albert George Patridge was b. 13 Jan 1882 in Grant Co., South Dakota, the son of Albert Lewis and Elizabeth Josephine "Lizzie" (George) Patridge. He married Nellie Esther Roberts, 15 May 1907 in Milbank, Grant, South Dakota. The above photo is of them on their wedding trip. In the 1900 census, Albert was living with his parents in Vernon, Grant, South Dakota. In the 1910 census, he is living with Nellie in Vernon, Grant, South Dakota. By the 1920 census, Albert and Nellie had moved to Milbank, Grant, South Dakota and that's also where they were living in the 1930 census. When Albert filled out his World War I Draft Registration Card on 12 Sep 1918 he indicated that he was a salesman of automobiles and tractors for the Milbank Auto & Supply Co. He had two brothers, Arthur and Irving Theodore and two sisters, Esther and Mary E. Albert died 20 Apr 1964 in Big Stone Co., Minnesota.

Nellie Esther Roberts was born Nov 1888 in Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, the daughter of William H. and Ida E. (Dyer) Roberts. In the 1895 census, she was living with her parents in Little Rock, Morrison, Minnesota. In the 1900 census, she was living with her parents in Latah, Spokane, Washington. That is pretty much all I was able to find out about Nellie.

Albert and Nellie had three children: Alice E., born about 1911 in South Dakota; Dorothy I., born about 1917 in South Dakota; and Glenn William, b. 10 Jul 1923 in South Dakota and died 11 Mar 1999 in Milbank, Grant, South Dakota. Alice married Arthur W. Nelson, 18 Jun 1939 in Milbank, Grant, South Dakota. Glenn William married Dorothy Jane Matt, Aug 1946 in Grant Co., South Dakota. Dorothy was born 8 Mar 1919 and died 16 May 2000 in Milbank, Grant, South Dakota.

Once I found this information on Albert and Nellie I decided to post a message on the Message Boards for the surname Patridge. It wasn't long after I posted my message that I got a message from someone who knew a granddaughter of Albert and Nellie and the person who contacted me was even a first cousin twice removed of Albert's. I have since e-mailed him copies of these photos so that he can share them with Albert and Nellie's granddaughter.

Now if there was just a way to identify the people in the unidentified photos I took!