Friday, February 20, 2009

Wow, What A Surprise!

I was surprised and thrilled to find out this morning that Gini at had awarded me the Kreative Blogger Award. I have to admit that I was also shocked, since I only just started this blog in January. Thank you, Gini! I would also like to congratulate Gini on being a 9 year cancer survivor.

I would also like to thank my cousin, Becky (, for encouraging me to start a blog. Without her support I probably would have never done it.

I am still learning about this blogging thing and hope someday to make my site look alot fancier than it does now. I guess I need a Blogging 101 course....

Gini, you made my day and again thank you very much.

1 comment:

  1. Kate, you are so very welcome, you deserve it, we are newbies together and I would love to take blogger 101 with you! I was very surprised when I received the award, my blog is the least Kreativ out of all of them! I am going thru blogger insecurities! I too hope that my blog will have more interesting information and I would like to make it fancier and personalize it to me! I am blog challanged! Thank you on your support and encouragement on our cancer survivorship, it truly teaches you to live life differently, Genealogy has also brought so much to my life, I get to meet people like you and Mysteri and Becky, and all the other incredible bloggers.