Friday, February 6, 2009

A Cool Discovery

Every Tuesday, my husband and I head to the Cancer Care Center so that he can get his chemotreatment. We can be there anywhere from three to seven hours, depending on which Tuesday it is and what all treatments he may end up needing to get. He is currently receiving Erbitux every Tuesday and then every third Tuesday he also gets Carboplatin. Both Erbitux and Carboplatin deplete the levels of magnesium in the body so sometimes he needs to have a magnesium bolus.

So, every Tuesday I pack up my laptop computer and grab some genealogy stuff to work on while we are at the Cancer Care Center. It helps me pass the time.

This last Tuesday, one of the items I took with me was a follow-up e-mail I had received from a gentleman who had contacted me through Ancestry's Connection Service about a relative of mine, Grace Evelyn Fox. He is working on his son-in-law's genealogy and had sent me a pedigree chart which started with his son-in-law's mother, Nancy Carol Fair. I started inputting what information he had on the pedgree chart into my Roberts-Allen Family website so that I could determine what information I had that I could share with him and what information he had that I didn't.

As I worked my way back through the generations on his pedigree chart I made a really cool discovery. I got to the names Beverly C. Rattliff and Mahala J. Mitchell and I went "hmm, those names sure look familiar." So I went into my Bradley-Moore Family website and sure enough, there was Beverly C. Rattliff and Mahala J. Mitchell. So it turns out that this gentleman's son-in-law is not only related to me on my Roberts-Allen side of the family, but he's also related to me on my Bradley-Moore side of the family. I hadn't realized the connection until I got his pedigree chart. How cool is that?

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  1. Kate that is a cool discovery! I've had that happen too---but people in my tree were the same names in my husband's tree! And in his ex-wife's tree! We can get pretty good at recognizing names, can't we! I love your blog. I'll be writing an email to you tonight.