Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And Now, A Tale of Two Edna's

Now this story can be a little confusing, so try and keep up.

Edna May Becker (my grandmother) was born 8 Jun 1898 in Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas. She was the daughter of Johann (John) Joseph "Joe" and Emma Cornelia (Strait) Becker. She was the youngest of nine children born to Joe and Emma Becker. On 23 Dec 1914, she married Ray Ross Smith in Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas. They had 11 children: Leo Undine, Maurine Maxine, Ellis Wayne, Veva Delfreda, Ray Ross, Jr. (my dad), Wilmer LaVerne, Cecil Eugene, Nola Katherine, Shirley Ann, Carolyn Jean and John Franklyn.

Edna Mae Smith (my Aunt) was born 6 Nov 1892 in Hoisington, Barton Co., Kansas. She was the daughter of John Franklin and Emma Delphenia (Baldwin) Smith. She was the youngest of nine children born to John and Emma Smith. On 17 Sep 1913, she married Albert Leo Becker in Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas. They had one child, Winnis Albert.

So, what's so confusing about all this?

Well, Edna May Becker married Edna Mae Smith's brother, Ray Ross and Edna Mae Smith married Edna May Becker's brother, Albert Leo. Got all that?

Did you notice the other weird thing about all this? Edna May Becker and Edna Mae Smith were both the youngest of nine children. Check out my story "A Tale of Two Emma's".


  1. Don't you just love these tangles! My step mother was Edna Mae Thomas, daughter of John and Mary Thomas. Her father, John Thomas was the son of John and Mary Thomas. When I work on this chart, I get a headache!!!

  2. Wow - I thought I was the only one! I have a very similar tale of 2 Edna's. It took me forever to figure out why I had two pictures both clearly labeled "Edna Graber" that looked nothing alike. In my family a great aunt Edna Graber married and became Edna Saurer while her brother married Edna Saurer who then because Edna Graber.

    Labeling of pictures depended on when the picture was taken sometimes and sometimes on who was doing the labeling and how they knew the person...goodness....I need a nap now.

    Thanks for this story - so I know I'm not alone trying to keep things like this straight.

  3. And my grandmother Nannie Becker had a daughter whom she named EDNA Pearl Flanders (probably after her sister above, Edna May Becker). You wrote a terrific story about these two Ednas and you explained it well, Kate! I must print this story and the previous one about the two Emmas and put them in my family binders! You're a good writer, Kate!