Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grandparent's Tea

On 27 February 2009, Jon and I attended the Eighth Grade Class Grandparent's Tea at Reed-Custer Middle School in Braidwood, Illinois. Our granddaughter, Marisa, is a member of the class. There are 164 students in their eighth grade graduating class and the commons area was packed with grandparents and eighth graders. They had a very nice program. We got to spend some time attending two of Marisa' classes - Panther Time and Math. Both classes were abbreviated sessons because of the festivities - even more so because Marisa had to leave early for choir practice. We got to meet some of Marisa's teachers and friends.

After the classes, they had refreshments in the commons area and the jazz band played a couple of songs and then the chorus took the stage and sang a couple of songs. Marisa and her friend Haley were the featured duet soloists on the first song, so we got to hear her sing. Marisa told us afterwards that she was very nervous because of all the activities going on. She sure didn't seem nervous when she was up on the stage singing (however, she did tend to play with the bottom of her shirt most of the time). She had a lot of trouble sitting still and was up and running around alot so we didn't have much opportunity to visit with her.

Then, before we knew it, it was all over and the students were rushing to catch the school bus. We are very glad we were able to attend as this was a once in a lifetime event for Marisa. She will graduate from the eighth grade in May and move on to high school. She is just growing up way too fast for us.

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  1. This first post I put on my Gramma's House blog was the evening we came home from a granddaughter's 7th grade vocal concert. It's important to preserve these moments too! We must honor the living as well as the dead. So glad you posted this---I loved the story. Thanks, Kate!