Monday, March 22, 2010

A Call Out of The Blue

I got a phone call out of the blue today after I got home from running errands. It was my first cousin once removed, Allen Lee Roberts. He is the son of Walter Ray and Anna Belle "Annie" (Carmack) Roberts. He was asking me questions about the Roberts family and also telling me lots of stuff about the Roberts and Carmack families. Also told me that he had pictures of my great-grandparents, Benjamin Franklin and Lucy Jane (Allen) Roberts. Boy was I excited. In the end we exchanged snail mail addresses and agreed to share all our information. He was excited when I told him that I had copies of his mother's obituaries and a picture of her tombstone. He had been asking me lots of questions about his mother because he didn't have much on her. Said he had sent off for Walter and Annie's marriage license and I told him I already had it and would be glad to send him a copy. Am really looking forward to seeing what information, pictures, etc. he sends me. Gotta get busy and send some stuff off to him as well. He also told me about the death of two of my cousins (see my previous posts) - Lois Maxine (Roberts) Reed and her son, Lesley Everett Reed. They died within two days of each other, Lois on 16 Mar 2010 and Lesley on 14 Mar 2010. He said that Lois had a trunk full of family information that she wouldn't share with anyone and that her daughter was going to locate the trunk and go through whatever was in it and send him stuff. Hope she follows through. Sure wish I could have recorded our conversation. Allen is 75 and will be turning 76 on 29 May 2010 and lives in Nathrop, Colorado. Between Allen and my cousin Becky Jamison I sure would like to make a trip out to Colorado!!!

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  1. Just let me know when you're coming. I'll rest my voice for days before so we can talk non-stop! I'm excited that you got this call are really being blessed too!