Monday, March 15, 2010

Package In The Mail

I recently requested a copy of an obituary from the Pratt Co. Historical Society for my cousin, Fay Strait, who died 30 May 1941 in Coats, Pratt, Kansas. I was contacted by Marsha Brown, the curator of the Pratt Co. Historical Society Museum and she e-mailed me the brief obituary that was placed in The Pratt Union newspaper dated June 5, 1941. I got a subsequent e-mail from her stating that they had just received more newspapers and that she had found some more obituaries for Fay and wanted to know if I was interested in copies. She also asked me if I had ever seen the short family history that Mrs. Marvin Strait had written for the "Family Heritage Album" for Pratt County that was done in 1976 and would I like a copy of that as well. Of course, I couldn't contain my excitement and wrote back to her saying that I would love a copy of the obituaries and the family history.

When I went to my mailbox today there was a package in it from Marsha. I was so excited I could barely wait till I got into the house. But lo and behold and much to my surprise, there was more in the package than Fay's obituaries and the family history written by Mrs. Marvin Strait.

There was also these two wonderful pictures. The first one is of Theresa Strait and her children Fay and Marvin. The second one is of Mary and Marvin Strait and his sister, Fay. They are absolutely priceless!
But, it didn't stop there. She had also included two obituaries for Theresa Strait (my great grandaunt); an obituary for Greenbury King Strait (my great granduncle) and husband of Theresa (Vogel) Strait; one for Sylvia Strait (their daughter); one for James Marvin Strait; (their son) and one for Mary M. Strait (James Marvin's wife). That was way more than I had asked for!!

I am so thankful for wonderful people like Marsha Brown! I will share what she sent me in future posts.


  1. This is wonderful, Kate. Didn't you just say a few days ago that nothing exciting has happened lately in your genealogy? Maybe you should say that more often and you'll get treasures like this! Thank you for posting this. I'll be watching for more info in your future posts. Hope you don't mind if I save the photos to my computer too.

  2. What a great find! It was so nice of Marsha Brown to help you with your research.